The first time his necklace went missing, Killian was in an uproar. And Emma laughing at him as he panicked trying to find it only made him that much more annoyed. (Only because she was wearing it, hidden beneath her shirt.)

It became a habit of hers after that, stealing his necklace just about once a week for the sole purpose of ruffling his feathers. At least she was entertained by it.

After a while, she moved on from his necklace to his leather jacket— specifically the new one he’d started wearing not long after they started finally calling Storybrooke home.

Whenever they were getting ready to go out, it would magically disappear from its hook by the door, and Killian would have to go back into the bedroom to find it on Emma. Most of the time he’d have to wrestle it off her while she laughed in amusement, other times he’d pout enough that she’d give it right back, pressing an endearing kiss to his lips as an apology.

When that grew old, she went for his hook. Though, she usually just magicked it out of his brace and made it reappear somewhere else in the apartment, making him hunt it down. That one lasted for months, because there were way too many places in their home for her to hide the thing.

But, of all the things of his Emma loved stealing from him, there was one that he’d never try to stop her from doing.

His shirts.

Killian quickly found himself loving seeing her in them. It didn’t matter if it was one of his newer t-shirts, a button-up with only the middle couple buttons done up, or one of his old pirate shirts. If it was first thing in the morning while she made them coffee, right after a shower before she’s changed into her own clothing, or with a pair of sweatpants while they spent the day lazing around on the couch.

Emma could steal his shirts all she wanted, and he will never once complain.

(As it turns out, despite how much she enjoyed his reactions whenever she stole his things, she loved stealing his shirts just as much as he did. And soon enough, his shirts became their shirts.)

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She wakes when she feels his arm tighten around her waist. At first she assumes he is just dreaming but he pulls her closer almost roughly, his eyes fluttering frantically as his head thrashes back and forth. She raises her head from his chest and sits up.


She grabs his shoulders and shakes him a little but it doesn’t seem to do any good. All he does is shrug off her touch. She cradles his face in her hands and brushes the hair off his forehead.

"Killian wake up! Come back to me."

He wakes suddenly, with her name on his lips. He seems a bit disoriented for a second, his eyes darting this way and that before finally settling on hers. He seems to relax after that.

Sitting up, he pulls her into his arms in a tight embrace. Her eyes widen in surprise but she returns his hug and places light kisses on his chest. They seem to soothe him and he loosens his grip on her.

"What were you dreaming about?"

"Doesn’t matter, love. ‘Twas just a nightmare.", he mumbles as he strokes her hair. She would be inclined to believe him if it wasn’t for his rigid posture. His back is straight, shoulders high, like he is on alert, waiting for something.

She pulls away from him gently, meets his eyes and raises her eyebrow. He chuckles and his shoulders lower just a bit.

"Never could hide anything from you, could I?"

She stays silent, inviting him to continue. His smile turns soft, wistful and he traces her cheekbone with his thumb.

"I dreamt that you forgot me again."

It feels as though someone has punched her in the gut. She doesn’t think much about the time they spent in New York, those two days when she had no idea who he was even when he was standing in front of her. She doesn’t remember much from before she had taken the potion any more, all of it too hazy and dim to recall.

She tries to imagine what it would be like, too look into his eyes and not see the love she always sees, to see indifference or distaste. She’s not sure how she would handle it. But, he had stayed. Despite her harsh, stinging words and all her attempts to push him away he had stayed and she is so grateful for him.

She puts her arms around his neck and pulls him into a fierce kiss and when they pull apart, she is straddling him, their foreheads pressed together, taking shallow breaths.

"Promise me, you’ll never let me forget you. That you’ll find me."

Her voice sounds odd to her own ears, breathy and pleading. She’s not this open with her feelings often but the thought of forgetting the time she has spent with him, forgetting that feeling of safety and home when she is with him grips her with a terror that she had not expected.

His eyes are still closed when he kisses her again and murmurs against her lips.



Some angsty-ish fic-ing because I haven’t been on lately and man, do I miss it. If I get time this weekend, I might throw out some fluff here and there. *crosses fingers*

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He’s still awake when the sun breaks across the horizon, slowly lighting the town with its rays, casting a false array of brightness. The Snow Queen is still wreaking havoc, Elsa is still torn between two achingly separate sides, and Emma hasn’t spoken to him the last few days through being caught up in it all. Of course, he admires her dedication, her ruthless commitment to the town and all its inhabitants, but gods, he misses her. 

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Get What You Need


(AU/AH: Klaus hates distractions and his new neighbor, Caroline Forbes seems to be exactly that. Add her daughter into the mix and it turns out to be exactly what he needs. A series of one shots. Read Part One Here

Part Two

All that could be heard through his apartment was the wailing cries of an infant.

The only problem with that was that Klaus didn’t have a baby in his apartment, it happened to come from next door. He had just laid down, sank under the covers, extremely tired from a long day working on a fairly new commissioned piece. He was exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in after days spent awake and hard at work.

The moment his head hit the pillow, a loud cry came from the other side of the wall. Klaus rolled over, placing his pillow tight over his ears and tried to get some sleep.

It had been two weeks since Caroline moved in next door and Klaus only saw and talked to her a handful of times. It seemed she was always coming and going in a hurry, Hannah always in her stroller and sleeping away. He would see her entering the elevator as he was leaving and that left very little chance for small talk.

The noise for those few weeks had been relatively low; he had no complaints until now.

The thin walls between apartments did little to soften the cries. The poor baby sounded in pain and he briefly wondered what was going on in the apartment next door. Klaus just rolled back over, moving the pillow to cover both eyes and ears, hoping to drown out the noise.

After a while, it seemed that Caroline, his neighbor, was able to quiet the baby down. Klaus let out a quick smile, grateful that the child wasn’t in discomfort any longer and got comfortable in bed to get to sleep.

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